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Vinod V. August 2017
John did a great job. He has lot of experience in fixing from old age tv's to the now made new led tv's. Me and my friend took our two Samsung 50" led tv's and he said the problem right away in no time and work was done in no time. I really recommend this place if you have any problems with your tv's. More over it is less expensive than the geek squad or some other repair shops out there. Finally it is really Value added work from John. Thank you!
Mike List August 2017
I have been shopping here and using his services since he opened his business. I have never been unhappy and always received honest and affordable service and bought many TV's new and used.
Craig Shindler July 2017
I was having a screen darkening issue with my LG LED TV and based on Dohm's repair capabilities I contacted Jack via email and described my issue.  He responded promptly with 2 suggestions that solved my current issue and likely helped me avoid a future issue.  I did not purchase my TV from Dohm but he treated me as though I had.  He also did not insist that I bring in the TV for an analysis which would have meant income for his shop.  Thanks Jack.
Bob Davis March 2017
Very quick reliable service. Knowledgeable about all brands. Made great recommendations. Excellent service.  I will buy my next new TV at Dohm's.  Very reasonable estimate. Cost was as estimated.
j2me November 2010
Friendly, honest TV repair. I've used Dohm TV repair two times. Charge $20.00 to evaluate product for repairs. NO other business is that fair (that I found). Most businesses want $45 to $60.00. That places us in a situation "should I buy a new one" which is unpleasant. I recommend them....what can I say....
christy R. November 2005
Nice Little Sales/Repair Shop! This is a family owned business that has been here since as far back as I remember. They have always been very friendly, and knowledgeable. They carry a nice selection of cards for a dollar, and they has video and dvd rentals at reasonable prices too. If you are in need of repairs, or need to buy a new tv or other component, check with this shop. You won't be disappointed!
Holly W. October 2005
Nice Little Sales/Repair Shop! Dohm TV is a family owned and operated business. They carry a nice selection of TV's, accessories, parts and more. They have a wonderful selection of cards for $1 and also have vhs and dvd rentals at great prices. They will give you an estimate on repairing a broken tv or vcr. The prices on new television sets are a good bargain also. Stop by and check out this small little family business
Ron K. August 2005
Well, the gentlemen here really know electronics and the cost to fix t.v's. They are straight shooters and saved me money rather than making a repair that wasn't worth it in the long run. These guys are honest and can be trusted. The facility is a little dark and gloomy. It could be more friendly by the addition of more lighting or brighter paint.
Lori K. August 2005
Handy and Close by. Dohm's TV is just around the may have to look a little bit as it doesn't really jump out at you. I will say once you've visited Dohm's you'll be glad you stopped by. They have a range of TV's for sale and to top it off the kids are always happy to stop by as they have candy for sale and that is always a yes vote from them. I personally like to support local small businesses and this is one that gets my vote.
Tina K. August 2005
Dohm TV - hidden treasure in Shiloh! Dohm TV is a little hidden treasure right here in Shiloh! They offer sales of televisions, dvd players, and various other electronics. They also offer service on electronics which is the most important thing. It's easy enough to run out and buy a new television, but what are you to do when it breaks down on you after the warranty runs out? Dohm's is your place! They also, oddly enough, sell candy and cold drinks. Video rental is also a service they offer - very convenient and less hassle than those big chain places! I do miss the postal sub-station that was there until earlier this year, though. Parking is limited...
Darlene O. August 2005
Dohm TV Small Convenient Location! Dohm TV is a small family owned and operated business which has been in this location for many years. They carry a nice selection of TV's, accessories, parts and more. They have a wonderful selection of cards for $1 and also have vhs and dvd rentals at great prices. Stop by and check out this neat little family business. I do miss the postal substation!
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Pete Nagel September 2017
I took my tv in and within 24 hrs it was done. I was glad to find him because I was gonna go buy a new tv and I got off alot cheaper by going there.