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       Yes there is more ! Besides TV sales and TV Repair in York Pa, we also have a variety of other items and services that may be of interest to you. For many years there was a locally owned post office at this location. At that time we had a assortment of greeting cards with a selling price of just $1.00 each. The cards do NOT look cheap. The post office has been gone for over 7 years now, but we never got rid of the greeting cards and they are a item that local customers still stop in to purchase from time to time.
       TV antennas ! Yes, there are many customers that have gotten tired of paying for their TV service. Some have done ok with just a indoor antenna, depending on their location while other customers have resorted to using a outdoor TV antenna to receive more channels for FREE ! We stock both basic indoor antennas and amplified indoor antennas.
       We stock a variety of electronic and TV parts and supplies! Including HDMI wires, Optical audio cables, splitters, RG-6 wire, surge suppressors, etc. Dohm TV also sells new and reconditioned used TVs. Dohm TV is a factory authorized LG TV dealer in York, PA, and is authorized for TV repair service in and out of warranty. We recommend that you call first before making a special trip to our store...Thank You !
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       Your geograpic location ( elevation, on a hill, in a valley, in the city or suburbs, etc.) will determine what channels you will receive. Ideally an outside antenna with a rotor and amplifier may be the best way to go for some folks. We stock Wingard antennas that are designed to work well with digital signals and they do not have the large elements that the older style analog TV antennas had. We also stock the wire, rotors, and antenna accessories. We now also stock Digitenna. We use 2 at our shop with excellent performance and I was surprised how well a small antenna like this performs.